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Thursday, 3 December 2015

Tak Sanggup Lagi

<<Assalamualaikum and a very good day to all of you. Today I just wanna share about one of Rossa's song - "Tak Sanggup Lagi" 
Actually, I am the big fan of her. I like her voice so much, and this above song remembered me about 'him'...
Yeah, it was true when you said 'he' was a someone that I know....someone special for me up till 7 years. We broke up a year ago after many conflicts that I had to face when I were with 'him'...
And at last...'he' married with anyone else for some reasons...and I am the only hold our promises for 7 years....
But this year (after Raya), I'm strongly enough to face any conflict in front of me...maybe 'he' was not created for me and 'his' fate was not with me. And I built my life up then until now....
Here you go, this song really makes me remembered about 'him'...and really thanks to 'him', I had a strong heart right now..and I'd appreciate 'that' feeling until now. So, the next step is...I must be careful whenever I go...and don't make me trust you with all my heart..it'll hurt the feelings.
let's hear this song together, you all....Believe me, this song will comfort your broken hearts for a while..maybe it's because of Rossa's voice..:D
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